AstroGrep is a search utility designed for Microsoft Windows that permits users to search for keywords within files. The tool’s primary function is based on Grep, a program initially used in UNIX’s command-line interface to search for specific keywords within files. AstroGrep makes this functionality available on the Microsoft Windows platform, enabling users to quickly and easily find specific lines of code or text within files.

AstroGrep offers a range of useful features beyond keyword search functionality. It supports the use of regular expressions, offers customizable printing options, and stores recently accessed paths to streamline the user experience. The program also includes a “context” feature, which provides an efficient method for reviewing and analyzing source code.

AstroGrep was originally created by Theodore L. Ward and later updated to Microsoft .Net by Curtis Beard. The current version of the program is developed using Microsoft C# with .Net v4.0, having been ported from Visual Basic 6. This modernization has resulted in an improved user experience and streamlined functionality.

The development of AstroGrep was made possible through the contributions of the open-source community at As a result, the program’s source code is available for free use under the GNU Public License. This has allowed for widespread adoption and continued development by interested parties.

Features of AstroGrep

  • Regular expressions (Uses the standard Microsoft .Net Regular Expressions: Quick Reference).
  • Concurrent multiple file types.
  • Recursive directory searching.
  • A “context” feature that selects the lines above and below your search expression, or view entire file.
  • Most Recently Used list for search paths, file types, and search text.
  • Ability to save or print all results or a selection.
  • Customize the colors used in the preview area.
  • Right click to open file with editor of your choice at specific line (if editor supports it).
  • Match Whole Word Only.
  • Syntax highlighting when viewing full file contents (if extension supported).
  • Summary of all results.
  • Free of charge and Open Source.

Download AstroGrep

AstroGrep which is a Microsoft Windows grep utility that allows users to search for keywords within files can be downloaded from